Yaogan 35-5-1: Know Everything About Yaogan 35A

Name Description
Name of Satellite, Alternate Names Yaogan 35-5-1
Current Official Name of Satellite Yaogan 35A
Country/Org of UN Registry NR (1/22)
Country of Operator/Owner China
Operator/Owner Chinese Ministry of National Defense
Users Military
Purpose Earth Observation
Detailed Purpose Optical Imaging
Class of Orbit LEO
Longitude of GEO (degrees) 0
Perigee (km) 493
Apogee (km) 49
Eccentricity -3.34E-02
Inclination (degrees) 34.9
Period (minutes)
Launch Mass (kg.) 300
Dry Mass (kg.)
Power (watts)
Date of Launch 06-11-2021
Expected Lifetime (yrs.)
Contractor China Academy of Space Technology (CAST)
Country of Contractor China
Launch Site Xichang Satellite Launch Center
Launch Vehicle Long March 2D
COSPAR Number 2021-101A
NORAD Number 49390
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